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How do I apply to be an apprentice?

Click the “Apply Now” link. You’ll be asked to provide:

  • Name, address, date of birth, and date of application
  • Resume, if you have one
  • Level of education (highest degree)
  • Work history: your last two jobs
  • A short paragraph (75 words max) about why you would like to be considered for this program and how it will benefit you. If you have a digital portfolio, please include.

What are the basic requirements to be considered?

  • Must be BIPOC, and eager to learn about the art, trade, and ethics of fine jewelry making
  • Must live in the Los Angeles vicinity, or be moving here (BVLA will not be relocating you)
  • No previous experience is necessary; however, we will require an in-person interview and an aptitude test to assess simple tool skills such as filing and sawing
  • Any previous jewelry skills are a plus, but not required
  • Must be a team player—eager to learn and able to take constructive criticism

What will I learn and have exposure to?

The apprentice program teaches all aspects of jewelry making—from use of jewelry tools to simple cutting and forming, to soldering, complex fabrication, gem-setting and any additional concepts that relate to making fine body jewelry. Project-based teaching including personal projects, and eventually working on BVLA orders.

How long is the program and what happens after?

The Future Stars Apprentice Program lasts for 12 months and is considered full-time employment with benefits (medical, 401K, etc.), as per our normal employee guidelines. It takes place in our DTLA Studios.

After 12 months, applicants will be considered for full-time, permanent employment with BVLA, if they are deemed to have met a certain skill level and all parties agree it is a good fit.

How often are new apprentices accepted into the program?

Currently we are accepting four apprentices per year—but hope to expand shortly.

Our program focuses on nurturing new talent and developing from within, all while providing opportunities to those who need it most.

There is no set timing: we add, as needed, over the course of the year.

BVLA greatly appreciates your interest. We will respond directly to applicants we deem to be a good fit. There is no need to follow up, unless we reach out to you.

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