“I am very thankful to BVLA
and Nick Martin for giving
me this opportunity.”
Aquil Yorke, Future Stars Apprentice

The BVLA Future Stars Apprentice Program helps young, under-resourced BIPOC in Los Angeles forge careers in fine body jewelry design and manufacturing.

Our program offers full-time, paid positions that participate in a dynamic curriculum that is as hands-on as our actual jewelry making process. Our goal is to teach the next generation of jewelry makers everything we know, and to inspire and encourage their own artistic voices.

As we celebrate the skill and talent found in our trade, we are dedicated to amplifying diverse voices in the industry, our local community, and our workplace.

“Good hands and a good head. Experiment.
Explore. You'll learn a lot in the process.”
Eitan Levy, Future Stars Apprentice Leader

Fine jewelry making is an art, meant to be taught and shared. BVLA aims to inspire future generations to learn the craft—and is committed to giving back to the local community by creating these opportunities.

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