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Materials and Metals Inventory Manager

La Verne,CA

We are looking for a driven and passionate individual with high level detail and organizational skills to manage inventory across multiple departments.

The recipient will be responsible for overseeing our inventory systems, correcting shortages, implementing inventory strategy and monitoring loss.

Solid knowledge of EXCEL and MS suite is required. We will provide training to improve those skills to our desired level.

Great people skills are a must. The position requires engaging department heads, jewelers, and gem setters among others. We maintain a friendly informal atmosphere here at BVLA that centers on respect and understanding.

Knowledge of Body Piercing Jewelry is a plus but not absolutely necessary.

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BVLA offers highly competitive pay and a great working atmosphere across multiple locations in Los Angeles. Our full suite of benefits include Medical, Dental, Vision, Employer matched 401K, Disability insurance and paid time off.

We celebrate and encourage diversity with over 17 nationalities represented. A safe place for non-binary, gay and trans individuals to call home!

Please submit your details, resume and a short paragraph detailing who you are, any relevant experience and why you would be a good fit here at BVLA.

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